At the May 2, 2018 Member’s Meeting the Cool Cruisers installed a new President and expressed their gratitude to our outgoing President.

Mike Cox, formally serving as Director of Member Services will serve as the Club’s President effective May 2, 2018. Walt Tester our previous President will remain active in the Club and will serve as our Trailer Team Leader.

In addition, Jack Izibicki will assume the role as Director of Member Services, also Marietta Cox and Marie Stape will take on the management of our Merchandising Activities replacing Claudia Tester who has been quite effectively managing this activity for the past several years.

To express the Club’s appreciation for their tireless efforts and unquestioned devotion to the Club’s success we presented Walt and Claudia with an Appreciation  Plaque and a video Tribute which you can view by clicking on the Button below.

Thank you Walt and Claudia and congratulations Mike Cox.

William Stape – Director of Communications

Click here to view the Tribute to Walt and Claudia Tester