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About Cool Cruisers of Southwest Florida

Cool Cruisers is a non profit car club comprised of over 300 members from the local Naples, Florida community.

Each of us has a basic interest in classic cars and a strong desire to help support our local community, especially the children. Many of us put in long hours organizing car shows and displays in the southwest Florida region.

The proceeds of these events go to charitable organizations. We have donated thousands of dollars to various charities and philanthropic organizations over the years.

We are very proud to share our wonderful cars with the general public and contribute to worthy causes like children’s charities.



The Wheels

Club Officers

President: Mike Cox
Vice-President: Ron Watson
Secretary: Diana Lynch
Treasurer: Larry McCommon


Event Coordinator: Grant Simon
Membership Mgr: Joan Mitchell
Web Administrator: Bill Stape
Member Services Mgr: Jack Izbicki
Event Manager: Cameron Koblish
Merchandise Mgr: Tom Lynch


Board Members

Paul Rhoads
Cameron Koblish
Yvonne Rhoads
Grant Simon
Bill Stape
Tom Lynch
Jack Izbicki


Members Meetings

Club Meetings – First Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM at:
Lorenzo Walker Technical College