Notice of 2/28/2018 Cool Cruiser Board Actions.

On March 28, 2018 the Board of Directors of the Cool Cruisers of Southwest Florida met in closed session to discuss several issues facing the Club. First and foremost of these issues was the election of a new President. The second issue dealt with a modification of our Club’s Constitution required to make the transition to new Officers more manageable on an operating basis.

Election of new President
As you probably know by now, Walt Tester our current President will be stepping down after leading us most admirably for the past several years.  Walt will continue to be an active member of the Club but his desire to “pass the baton” has made it necessary for the Board to nominate a new President for your approval.

Therefore the Board would like to announce by unanimous vote the nomination of Mike Cox for President of the Cool Cruisers of Southwest Florida. 

Please be advised that we will be presenting Mike’s nomination for the Club’s voting approval at the May 1, 2018  Members Meeting (Lorenzo Walker Technical College, 3702 Estey Ave, Naples, FL 34104, USA at 6:PM). Please attend this Meeting to cast your vote.

Change to CCOSFL Constitution
The current version of our Constitution prescribes that we facilitate any Officer transitions at our December Members Meeting.  In practice, this prescription has proven to be problematic in that this is the beginning of our most active time of year.  Abe Lincoln’s sage advice of “Don’t change horses in midstream” makes a lot sense.

Therefore the Board will present a change to our Constitution at our May Member’s Meeting to modify the Constitution so that our Officer transition process will take place in May of each year.  Your vote of approval will be necessary for the change to take place.

To view the proposed changes click here.

Please plan to attend our May 1, 2018  Members Meeting (Lorenzo Walker Technical College, 3702 Estey Ave, Naples, FL 34104, USA at 6:PM), to cast your vote for this proposed change to our Constitution.

William Stape
Director of Communications